I would like to share more home decor items about designs, colors, and lives. My recommendations are mainly from research that in the process of design, some of them are from my favorite clients.

Choosing home decor items is difficult to be well-rounded perfectly. On the other hand, it depends on personalities and tastes. I also keep changing my home decor ideas. Over time, a well-decor could become boring to me because of the changing trend. So I just try my best to make some pertinent comments. I’ll update new home decor items occasionally if possible.

Tableware design
The different colors and sizes plates decorate your table livelily.

Innovative octagon plates set

Tableware is the necessity of a good meal. Let’s start with this plates set which are made of bone china. The thin and transparent material gives these plates a nice texture. Going with geometrical shape, this tableware design could be snapped in a photo then posted on your Facebook.


Decorative painting of city map
you can also group these paintings together

Decorative paintings of city map

This is a trend. Customizing several decorative paintings of cities that meant a lot to you not only the nice home decor items for you but also good stories to share with your friends. It maybe the city of your hometown, or the city of your proposed location.

paintings group
different styles and sizes paintings

Painting ideas on canvas

Just feel free to group your own home decor painting collocation, even add some different styles such as abstract paintings and landscape paintings.


LED lighting modern design
different sizes fit in different spaces

 Modern design home decor lighting

Burlywood is one of my favorite colors, it’s so versatile and soothing especially when paired with white or black, this home decor light can take on a whole new level of simplicity.

light in darkness
wood boards were cut irregularly

An array of LED lamps stick inside the irregularly cutting wood tube. The light comes from inside, reflecting from the surface of wood boards.

light on the desk
feel free to put the light in different ways


Transparent glass vase
Transparent glass vase

Glass Vase

I’ve bought these kinds of vases in IKEA. It is ironic that I once was so embarrassed by my old-fashioned mother, while she recycled my home decor vases as they are soda bottles.

Translucent glass vase
Translucent glass vase

My favorite is the translucent style which is very popular on home decor Instagram. I used to plant eucalyptus or pine nut cotton in it, for enhancing the cold tune of minimal art.


Innovation is it's selling point
Innovation is its selling point

Elk night lamp

This is the home decor gift of last Christmas I bought to my friend. I also engraved characters on the wood base. This lamp can be a very nice and romantic bedside lamp because of it’s stunning light and shadow effects. Innovation is its selling point.


Written by Jiang Xiaoyi